What is the present issue of Awake Intubation?

Air Management in the Intensive Care Unit:
Awake Intubation: This type of intubation is mainly used in the difficult airways. The awake intubation is predicated to an unstable cervical spine. The main cause of this intubation is to maintain the patients their own airway until they reach to emergency care unit. This may reduce the risk of health. The intubation is mainly prepared with the local anesthesia and vasoconstrictor. The endothelial is mainly mounted on the fibroid scope, which is used to clear the nose and through part to maintain the airway smooth. Finally the laynx is suitable for superior to the Carina. This tube position may confirm the cuff and breathing induction of anesthesia.
The proper preparation of patient may give the successful awake intubation, and the extensive psychological support and anesthesiologist are main reason to maintain the patient still alive. The air in the tube are totally tropically anesthesia drug with the some other drugs like lignocaine, pharynx,…